RS Glass Designs Ltd

Hand Crafted Brilliant Cut Glass and Etching

Phone Number: 01204 596 055

Bespoke, Hand Cut Glass

R S Glass Design Ltd offer a wide range of traditional glass services for stained glass, etched glass and brilliant cut glass. We are a Lancashire based company which was established in 1989.

Since then, our skilled craftsmen have completed many bespoke projects for homes and businesses throughout Yorkshire, Derbyshire, London and the UK. Our glass cutting methods are unique within the current brilliant cut class industry.

We continue to use hand crafting methods which allows us to achieve an artistic precision that machine cutting cannot achieve. Within the UK, R S Glass Design remain one of the foremost producers of traditional glass cutting.

Bespoke, Hand Cut Glass

Our small workshop offers decorative glass, brilliant cut glass and mirrors which are sold throughout the world. Our main clients include:

  • Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Leisure Complexes
  • Domestic Homes
  • Ecclesiastical Buildings

Stained Glass and Brilliant Cut Glass Specialists

Our skills and experience ensure that we can manage your project from start to finish. We are able to liaise with architects, interior designers and home owners to produce bespoke products.

  • Brilliant Cut Glass
  • Brilliant Cutting And Acid Etching
  • Stained Glass
  • Decorative Glass
  • Acid Etched, Gold Leaf
  • Brilliant Cut Mirroring
  • Antiqued Mirrors
  • Acid Toned Glass
  • Acid Toned Mirrors
  • Sand Blasted Glass
  • Brilliant Cut Glass For Door Panels
  • Victorian Mirrors And Glass
  • Brilliant Cut Ceiling Dome
  • Brilliant Cutting And Obscuring
  • Domestic Etched Windows
  • Brilliant Etched Gilding
  • Ecclesiastical Stained Glass

Bespoke Decorative Glass in Lancashire and the UK

If you are the owner of a pub, hotel or restauraunt, we hope to be your first choice for stained and etched glass in the UK. We also provide a bespoke service for domestic homes for brilliant cut glass and mirrors.

If you have a design in mind for your property, be sure to contact our helpful team today. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.