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Brilliant Cut Glass For Pubs

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  • Brilliant Cut Glass For Pubs
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  • 02-03-2016
Brilliant Cut Glass For Pubs

Brilliant Cut Glass For Pubs

Pubs have been using decorative glass for many decades now. It has become a sign of a traditional English pub.

Brilliant cut glass was a way of pub adding their names into the windows while also adding patterns and designs. It really gave a pub character and a memorable look from the outside.

You can still see brilliant cut glass from the Victorian era in pubs all around the country. We use the same techniques that were used to create these pieces.

The reason we use the same techniques is because they are the best techniques to use. They allow us to have more control and also allows us to customise your design even more than a machine can.

You can basically have any style of design that you like with our methods. Brilliant cut is cutting a V groove into the glass and then grinding it and polishing it back to clear glass again. This can then be left or have more done to it to add even more style.

We can help you think of a design that will add a lot to the outside of your pub. If of course you already have cut glass in the windows of your pub but one has been damaged, then we can recreate the design of this piece. Whatever you may need our services for, we can help.

Brilliant cut glass is not only for the exterior of the pub either, it can look great on glass dividers and even on the bar itself. It can add a huge amount of style and be as traditional or modern as you like.

If you would like our help with creating brilliant cut glass for your pub then please do get in touch. We will be happy to help in any way we can.