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Hand Crafted Brilliant Cut Glass and Etching

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Brilliant Cut Glass

R S Glass Design Ltd are a decorative glass company utilising traditional methods. We provide skills such as brilliant glass cutting to achieve the bespoke results that our customers expect.

Brilliant Cut Glass

We work with many private customers as well as commercial customers including; pub owners, restaurants, hotels and the leisure industry.

We provide our services in Lancashire, Yorkshire, London and the rest of the UK.

Most brilliant cut glass is now done by machine. However, we cut ours by hand. We draw your design by hand, cut it out by hand and make it by hand.

At no point in the process is a computer used nor are any modern substitutes for materials either. This makes our work a piece of art. It allows us to be more creative and make more skilled patterns.

We can repair and make windows by hand which a machine can not do because of the complex shapes. The attention to detail that we use here at RS Glass Designs Ltd is in a league of its own.

We take care to produce each piece of glass to the highest quality possible. This is so that the overall finished product looks exactly how our customers wanted it to.

See examples of Brilliant Cut Glass

Brilliant cut glass is a method of cutting the glass that leaves the most desirable finish. It is a V groove that is ground into the glass and then polished back to original quality.

As all of our work is done by hand it really allows us to control this V groove and make each one perfect. This gives your finished product the handmade traditional look that machines can not replicate.

If you would like any more information about brilliant cut glass then please do get in touch.