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Brilliant Cut Mirroring

Brilliant cut mirroring is a great way of adding a huge amount of style to a room. It can also increase the overall feeling of size thanks to the mirror but the design adds a lot of elegance. As we use traditional techniques for our brilliant cutting services, your design can really be anything you like.

We will hand draw, hand cut and hand polish your design so that it ends up looking perfect. Brilliant cut glass and mirrors are a wonderful way of adding even more style to a home or business.

The design can be very elegant and continue on from the other decorations you have. It can also be a completely one-off piece of art. That is entirely up to you.

Brilliant cut is a V groove in the surface of the glass or mirror that is then polished back to the same quality of the glass or mirror. This gives a design that adds a huge amount to any mirror or window.

When the light hits the mirror or window the V groove will reflect the light differently, adding even more beauty to the overall design.

Brilliant cut mirrors can be cut just around the edge to form an edging pattern that allows the mirror to still be used.

It can also cover the mirror and add a wonderful design feature to any room. The choice is really yours and we are happy to help you figure out a design that will work perfectly in your space.

If you would like any more information about brilliant cut mirroring then please do feel free to get in touch. We will be happy to help in any way we can.