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Brilliant Cutting And Obscuring

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  • 17-02-2016
Brilliant Cutting And Obscuring

Brilliant Cutting And Obscuring

Brilliant cutting and obscuring is a great way of adding a lot of style to a pane of glass. The designs that you can have on a piece of glass using these techniques are pretty much endless.

You can have a very traditional style or go for something much more modern. As we use traditional techniques to do all of our glass cutting and obscuring you can really add a lot of elegance and style to any room you may wish to.

Brilliant cutting is the method of cutting a V groove into the glass and grinding and polishing it clear again. This can be done with designs or letters and left just like that. But, to add even more style to your glass we can also obscure it as well.

The act of obscuring means that we can block off certain areas of the glass to from a pattern. This can be done around the edge of the glass to add small pieces of pattern or the effect can be inverted so that you have smaller areas of clear glass. The effect works great and there are plenty of ways to use it to add a lot of style to your property.

We have used this technique to help our customers achieve many looks over the years. Our brilliant cut glass with obscuring is in many restaurants, pubs and homes all around the UK and abroad.

If you would like our help with designing and creating a brilliant cut and obscured piece of glass for your business or home then please do get in touch. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.