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Decorative Glass

Decorative glass can come in many forms and designs. We use traditional techniques to do all of our glass cutting and designing. So we can provide you with any design you may need.

Decorative glass will more than likely involve many different techniques to get the overall design that you like. So it is good job that we have the skills to help.

Using our services mean that you have complete control over the finished product. You will have complete free rein to come up with any design that you like.

Decorative Glass

We use traditional techniques because it allows our customers to have any design they like. Machines can not replicate our methods. Because glass cutting is more of an art and so it is better done by human eye than laser.

The methods that we may use for your decorative glass could be brilliant cut glass. This is a V groove polished back to the quality of the glass.

We also offer acid etching to enhance patterns or even stained glass and many more. There are many ways for us to create the perfect design for you.

We have provided our decorative glass to many private and commercial customers over the years. Many pubs, restaurants and private houses across the country have used our decorative glass to add an elegance to their properties.

If you would like our help with designing and creating decorative glass for your home or business then please do feel free to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help in any way we can.