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Victorian Mirrors And Glass

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  • 04-02-2016
Victorian Mirrors And Glass

Victorian Mirrors And Glass

Victorian mirrors and glass are a really popular design in our trade. The reason for this is because the art of glass cutting and etching was perfected in the Victorian era.

The glass became cheaper and this allowed glass artisans to perfect techniques. It also allowed more people to buy it and so more of it was around.

It was during the Victorian era when cut and etched glass began to pop up in pubs and restaurants more and more.

The style and design from this era is hard to beat. It was the time when the best craftsmen were doing their very best work. The techniques that these craftsmen used are the techniques that we still used to this day. Simply because they are the best techniques to use.

As we use the traditional techniques we offer bespoke designs. It allows our customers the chance to recreate some beautiful mirrors and glass from the Victorian era.

We can create one off designs that look like the real thing or recreate designs from the time if you have got a piece that is damaged.

We are experts in the field of Victorian era glass and mirrors and so we can help you create a design that wouldn't look at all out of place in Victorian London.

The best part about the Victorian glass designs is that there is so much choice. You can have the most elaborate design you can think of or a very subtle design that adds great style. Whatever design you may like, we can help.