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Brilliant Cut Glass For Domestic Homes

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  • Brilliant Cut Glass For Domestic Homes
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  • 23-03-2016
Brilliant Cut Glass For Domestic Homes

Brilliant Cut Glass For Domestic Homes

Brilliant cut glass has not actually been used in domestic homes for very long. It was only introduced into the home in the Victorian era when the price of glass dropped and people could begin to afford it.

This price drop also allowed artisans to try out different techniques and master them. We still use these techniques to this very day here at RS Glass Designs Ltd.

The reason we use these techniques today is because no modern techniques can even come close to the traditional ones.

Glass cutting is very much an art form. So machines just can not recreate this in glass.

The method we use to cut designs into glass is called brilliant cutting.

Brilliant cutting starts with a V groove cut on a wheel. This is then ground and polished so that it becomes clear again.

There are many other methods that we can use in conjunction with brilliant cutting. These methods add even more to your design including etching and gliding.

Brilliant cutting allows you to have any designs that you like. You could have your house number cut into the glass, your family name or even your family crest if you like.

The choice is your and your choices are endless. You can also have really elaborate patterns that look great whenever the light hits it.

If you would like our help with adding brilliant cut glass to your home or repairing brilliant cut glass then please do get in touch. This service is available to anyone in the UK.